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Trailers Only have been creating custom built trailers for our clients for over a decade. Whatever your trailer requirements, we can meet your specifications and design and build the right trailer for you, whether you’re after a bike trailer, tradesman trailer, or car trailer.


The professional team of engineers, technicians, and mechanics at Trailers Only can create your truly unique custom engineered trailer so you can safely haul your load. We can build:

  • Motorbike trailers
  • Camper trailers
  • Car trailers
  • And more!


Contact our friendly staff or visit our website to find out more information about our custom built trailer making services in Melbourne, Victoria.


Custom Built Motorbike Trailers Melbourne

The expert team at Trailers Only can customise your motorbike trailer to suit the specifications of the bike or bikes you are transporting, including size, model, and quantity. We can even customise style and colour! Trailers Only can help you design a trailer that ensures your bike/s are secured correctly during transport. We also have a range of accessories available for you to choose from, including:

  • jerry can holders
  • jockey wheel
  • spare wheels
  • side boxes
  • flush tie-downs.

When you choose Trailers Only for your motorbike trailer needs, you have the peace of mind that the finished result will meet all standards and keep your bike safe and secure during transit. Contact the team at Trailers Only today!


Custom Built Camper Trailers Melbourne

If you’re looking for a custom camper trailer, look no further than Trailers Only! If you’re a seasoned camper or forestry industry professional looking for a top-quality camper trailer, you can rest assured that our trailers are built to last.


We use high quality, weather resistant materials to custom engineer camper trailers that are:

  • easy to assemble and pack away
  • able to handle tough terrain
  • able to be modified and fitted to suit your camping needs

Talk to the friendly staff at Trailers Only about customising your camper trailer today.


Custom Built Car Trailers Melbourne

Transporting large assets such as a fleet of cars requires a fully functional and safety conscious trailer to ensure that each vehicle is safely secured during transport. When you choose Trailers Only to build your custom car trailer, you can rely on the finished product to be stable, reliable, and safe. We can design car trailers that are packed with safety features such as:

  • skid resistant floors
  • easy ride on floors
  • wheel harness
  • railing
  • plastic or steel guards


Your car trailer can also be customised to include a variety of optional features such as tyre racks, storage compartments, aluminium floors, and tilt back electric winches or ramps to suit a wide variety of cars. Contact the team at Trailers Only today to discuss your custom car trailer requirements. We are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have!


At Trailers Only, we design, build and kit your trailer exactly how you want it at a great price. Visit us in Epping or contact us via our website to learn more about your car trailer options.




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