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Whether you’re after a camper trailer, car trailer, tradesman trailer, or machinery trailer, Trailers Only has you covered. We build custom trailers to your specific requirements, and we even have a wide range of accessories and add-ons for you to choose from.


Keep reading to find out more about our custom accessories, including:

  • Tool boxes, shelves, and more
  • Cages, racks, tyres, and jockey wheels
  • Custom mudguards


No matter what your custom trailer requires, the expert team at Trailers Only will be able to handle it! Contact us today to discuss your trailer needs.


Trailer accessories – tool boxes, shelves, and more


The team at Trailers Only are proud to offer our customers a wide selection of custom trailer accessories, including:

  • Tool boxes
  • Jerry can holders
  • Gas bottle holders
  • Shelves
  • Box chassis
  • Bike channels
  • LED lights
  • Rear leg stands
  • Spare tyres
  • 3, 4, 5, or 6 leaf springs
  • Tie down hooks
  • Clearance lights
  • Full ramps and single ramps
  • Extended drawbars
  • Mesh cage and box compartments
  • Locks
  • 6 or 7 pin adaptors
  • Gus struts
  • And more!


Contact us to learn more about our trailer options and how we can build a trailer to suit your needs, whether you’re a keen camper or a machinery hauler!


Cages, racks, tyres, and jockey wheels


Trailers Only can customise your trailer to include cages, racks, and/or jockey wheels to suit your specifications.

We supply a range of removable trailer cages at a variety of heights, including 2ft, 3ft, and 4ft. Our cages are constructed using galvanised mesh with the option to add swingable gates for ease of access.


A variety of racks and frames are also available as custom add-ons to our trailers. These can be made to your specifications and can include ladder racks, canvas frames, furniture frames, and canopy frames.


We even stock a variety of tyres and wheel combinations for you to choose from, including:

  • Latest model Holden Rodeo wheels with 15-inch tyres and new rims
  • Ford Courier wheels with 16-inch tyres and new rims
  • Holden Commodore wheels 15-inch with second-hand tyres
  • Ford wheels with 15 or 16-inch second-hand tyres

Two types of jockey wheels are also available to choose from, including a swingable jockey wheel and a clamp jockey wheel.

Contact us or visit our website to find out more about these customisable trailer accessories.

Custom mudguards


Trailers Only can offer our customers a range of custom mudguards to choose from for their trailer. Mudguards can help protect your trailer from mud, rock, soil, and debris damage, helping to extend the life of your trailer.


We offer mudguards designed specifically for Australian conditions, made from high-quality metal and available in various shapes and sizes. Options include:


  • Aluminium trailer mudguards
  • Galvanised trailer mudguards
  • Stainless steel trailer mudguards


View our website or call us for more information about our custom mudguards. You will find a Mudguard Product Guide on our website, be sure to check it out before you order your custom trailer!



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