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If you love riding your bike in new and exciting terrains, then a bike trailer is a crucial piece of equipment. Trailers Only know trailers, custom built trailers help you choose the right trailer so you  take your motorcycle with you wherever you go – whether you’re visiting family several cities away, or you’re heading out on a camping trip with the family.

With a motorcycle trailer, you don’t have to choose between taking your car or your bike with you on your next adventure. You can always make sure that you’re ready for anything, with your motorcycle securely strapped to the back of your vehicle. However, there are some tips you should be following if you want to make the most out of this amazing piece of kit.

Tip 1: A Trailer Isn’t an Afterthought

The first thing you need to know is that a motorcycle trailer isn’t just an after-thought or an accessory that you snap onto the back of your car. This is a serious piece of equipment, responsible for keeping one of your most precious investments safe on a long drive. Don’t just pick the first trailer that you see. Make sure that you’re choosing something custom-made to your specific needs.

With Trailers Only, you can adjust the size, colour, and style of your bike according to your specific preferences. There’s also the option to include accessories, like jockey wheels, spare wheels, jerry can holders and more. This way, you ensure your bike remains safe during even the toughest journeys.

Tip 2: Trailers Need Maintenance Too

How much time do you usually dedicate to looking after your bike? If you use the vehicle regularly, there’s a good chance that you’re constantly cleaning it, making sure that the wheels are moving smoothly, and checking the engine. Every true road warrior knows that excellent maintenance is the key to a long and happy life with your vehicle.

Additionally, it’s also worth spending some time on your trailer from time to time too. A good trailer should be able to withstand a lot of use and plenty of unpredictable weather. However, making sure that the wheels and fastenings are still in excellent condition before every drive will give you the peace of mind you need.

Tip 3: Practice Driving with a Trailer

Finally, this is one of the most valuable pieces of advice you can get if you’re new to having a trailer attached to the back of your car. Make sure that you’re comfortable using it. Don’t just jump straight into action on a long and complicated drive with your bike fastened in behind your car. Make sure that you feel comfortable taking corners easily with a new weight and extra length on your vehicle.

It pays to take a few short trips around the block with your trailer utterly empty before you load up your bike and give the whole system a spin. The more comfortable you feel, the less likely you are to get into an awkward position when you’re out on the road.

Give yourself time to get used to the change in your driving experience, and your patience will pay off in the long-term. Ready to find out more about making your custom bike trailer? Contact Trailers Only today!

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