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With over 15 years of experience in the business, Trailers Only has a proven track record of designing and building some of the best custom trailers in the country. Our clients simply tell us what they need, and we produce quality trailers they can count on.

Whether you’re starting a new trade business or transporting machinery for a large corporation, if you’re searching for a custom trailer builder who can meet your specific needs, then keep reading. We specialise in building trailers to your specifications – and we promise that the finished workmanship, strength and versatility will exceed your expectation.

Your quality custom trailer will be built with strong, durable yet light material that won’t weigh your vehicle down. As such, it will automatically give you greater fuel efficiency.

Other benefits include the affordable trailer accessories such as mudguards, jerry can holders and quality tyres that you can opt for us to install on your trailer. For example, where consistent with the design, we can add ribbing on all four sides to increase durability and strength. Or if you want shelving, we can do that too. The options are endless, ranging from the essentials to the more complex or hard-to-find add-ons.

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